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You're missing out on up to 85% of extra sales. Get what's yours with better content for ad campaigns

Captivate with emotions, not logic
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earns your advertisement compared with those built on Behavioral Economics.


People make their shopping decisions mainly on the basis of emotions.
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Catch the eye or catch nothing

People are literally blind to advertising that doesn't catch their eyes at first glance.
utíkající panáček

You don't use all channels

Customers aren't exposed to your ad often enough or long enough.
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You shoot blinds but with live money

Ads not tailored to target groups costs a fortune and never sell.

Improve communication with Content for Ad Campaigns by Colorsquares

Use what strikes a chord with your customers. And increase sales by up to 85%
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100% satisfation

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with the largest players on the Czech market

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Content based
on hard data

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0% work.
We take care of everything

Think it costs a fortune? The price will surprise you ...

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Can you guess which campaign has more conversions?

Ordinary Ad
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At first glance, just another boring advertisement
Text penned on the spot will not convince anyone.
It has no real call to action.
The customer has no idea how the product or service will help them.
Has low or no clickthrough rate.
edited ad
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Distinctive colors and simple composition captivates at first sight.
Text based on user data and Behavioral Economics
It leads the customer directly to the conversion.
Clearly stated benefit of ordering the product or service.
Several times higher conversion rate

What you often ask us

For any one with graphics and text.

We can help with online formats - from improving the header of your website, through banners for e-shops, to rad Instastories.

But also with printed offline materials - leaflets, posters, large format advertising, POS display stands, roll-up posters, etc.
Certainly. We will be happy to help you with the basic settings of PPC campaigns.

And for the long-term management of advertising campaigns, we can recommend our partner marketing specialists.
We do not print directly. But if you are interested, we will be happy to arrange printing with our partner company.
All we need is that you describe your idea - for which brand, service or product we will create the ad and in which formats. We will take care of everything else.

However, if you already have graphics or text materials ready, it always makes our work easier and faster.

We are already increasing sales to

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And now?
Just describe your idea

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What else can we do to raise your sales?

E-shop gadget

Up to 25% higher sales with Enhanced Content

Enhanced Content is a series of several tweaks. It includes Enhanced Galleries, Enhanced Product Descriptions and Enhanced Brand Pages, which will increase the sales of your e-shop in the long term.
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Get 3× more inquiries with a fine-tuned microsite

Short one-page websites for presenting your product, service or event. Created before you say "colorsquares". Based on detailed analysis, built so that it sells.
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