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⅔ of your customers run away. Help them complete the purchase with Enhanced Product Descriptions

Answer every question that prevents customers from buying right now. Simply. Attractively. In color
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of customers don't read text descriptions at all. And leave to find their answers elsewhere.


They can't imagine the product from the text alone. They prefer graphic content.
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People don't want to read

They don't like spending hours studying endless black and white paragraphs.
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They can't find the most important info

The main benefits of the product are lost in a sea of text or missing altogether.
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They're not confident with the product

The text label leaves them confused about how the product works or is used.

Fix it with Enhanced Product Descriptions by Colorsquares

Customers will get the information they want and your sales will increase by up to 25%.
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100% satisfation

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with the largest players on the Czech market

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Content based
on hard data

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0% work.
We take care of everything

Think it costs a fortune? The price will surprise you ...

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Can you guess which description earns a quarter more?

Ordinary description
Unclear paragraph of dense text
Your product will blend in with others.
It doesn't really answer customers' questions.
The customer goes to look for additional information elsewhere.
It doesn't have significant effect on SEO or impression on customers.
You give head start to your competition.
It deprives you of higher sales.
enhanced description
You captivate customers by clear and readable texts.
You present your products in an unconventional, colorful and multimedia way.
Thanks to solid data, you can answer everything your customers care about.
It dispels any uncertainties that prevent customers from immediate purchase.
You maximize the customer impression of your e-shop and the effectiveness of SEO.
Your product stands out and gains an edge over the competition.
And all this will help you increase sales by up to 25%.

What you often ask us

It is a way to give the customer all the information they need to finish their purchase.

Why describe a product just with words? Nobody reads essays, anyway. Let the customer "touch" the product with photos, videos, animations, 360° preview, etc. And above all - in colors. Your colors.
The Enhanced Description will help you answer any questions and dispel the uncertainties that prevent customers from completing their purchase immediately. In an interesting, engaging, and clear form.

This will increase the number of orders and sales by an average of up to 25% per month.

Customers who have an accurate idea of the product is many times more likely to buy. They don't have to look for additional information or compare it with other products. There is nothing stopping them from buying so the only thing left to do is click on "Add to cart".
The vast majority of e-shops allow the use of custom descriptions. From larger ones, such as Amazon or Walmart, to the smallest ones.

If your e-shop works, for example, via BigCommerce, uploading Enhanced Descriptions is easy-peasy.
A few days.

Just send us an order, we'll come up with a design and we're done before you can say "Colorsquares".

And if you already have processed texts and graphic materials you can provide us, it will be even faster.
We can add fine-tuned texts, images, videos, animations, sliders, 360° product previews, graphs, tables, questions and answers, product comparisons, links to your other products or services, buttons, gimmicks, and anything else that will help your customers.
Don't have time to come up with suitable content? No problem! We'll design an ideal Enhanced Description for you.

All you have to do is tell us what products and what e-shop we'll be creating the descriptions for. And we'll take care of everything else - text, graphics, and coding.

However, if you have any text and/or graphics ready, it will make our work easier and faster.

We are already increasing sales to

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Discover true impact of Enhanced Content

In the survey you will find:

Exclusive data that we don't give to everyone
How to design performing content
Online examples on the largest e-shop in the Czech Republic
Surprising numbers
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Without Enhanced Content you're losing up to 25% of sales

Highlight the benefits in Enhanced Gallery

100% of customers will see the TOP advantages of your products in the introductory photos. On the product detail page and even in the category listing.
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Boost traffic with Enhanced Brand Page

A fine-tuned brand page positively affects SEO while going hand-in-hand with search engines, catapulting your traffic by tens of percent.
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What else can we do to raise your sales?

Up to 57% more successful content for advertising campaigns

From display banners and Instastories to leaflets and roll-ups, we create ads in any format, online or print. Graphics and texts are based on Behavioral Economics. That’s why they work!
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Get 3× more inquiries with a fine-tuned microsite

Short one-page websites for presenting your product, service or event. Created before you say "colorsquares". Based on detailed analysis, built so that it sells.
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